Voice Broadcasting – The Future Of Direct Marketing

Voice Broadcasting – The Future Of Direct Marketing

Many individuals talk about benefits of direct marketing but the one most popular way of delivering direct messages – email – has become ineffective because of the activities of spammers. The response rates of direct marketing campaigns conducted via email has plummeted during recent years even reaching round 0% in some cases. What is to be done? We cannot discharge the idea of direct marketing as a whole because it is proven to be rewarding.

How about trying a new media to carry out your direct marketing campaign? What about past telephone? I’m not talking about cold pitching, for example making unsolicited calls to persons who, truth to be said, don’t long to hear from you. Consider voice broadcasting as your next step towards direct marketing achievement.

What Is Voice Broadcast?

Voice broadcast is a pre-recorded message 먹튀사이트 that is transmitted via a phone line to multiple recipients. A simple voice broadcast campaign center can be set up in your home or office using a straightforward computer that is furnished with a voice modem. Then you need a phone line and a duplicate of auto dialer software. Since auto dialers have become available, entrepreneurs don’t have to get a phone to address each of their customers. Imagine, if you expected to call a thousand group to announce a discount or to promote a new product. Now you don’t have to invest millions into a calling center – in fact, you can be your own contact center keeping existing customers posted and attracting new customers.

What Numbers To Call?

The way to fruitful voice broadcasting is to develop a database of prospective customers or to turn to a supplier who already has his own database of individuals or companies opted in (or at least not minding) to receive information that is relevant to their interests. In fact, a decent database of customers is a goldmine. Many companies don’t realize that this gold lies at the bottom of a gray metal drawer in the corner of their archive room. Each time you close a sale or make a contact, you obtain a phone number and a possibility to turn your contact into a returning customer!

Broadcast Your Message Legally

Before attempting to start a voice broadcast campaign, make sure individuals or companies you are about to address haven’t opted out by signing their number to a “Don’t call list”. There is a Federal “Don’t call list” and state lists in United States. In Great Britain there is a similar list called Telephone Preference Service. If you call a number from the “Don’t call list” you might be charged or your case might end up in the court. This is usually not an issue if you choose to switch to a telemarketing supplier to conduct your campaign. Also, if your customers have allowed to be contacted in future, you don’t have to worry about the List in case you give a clearly stated way to opt out of your messages.