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 Personal Safety and Self Defence SolutionsPersonal Safety and Self Defence Solutions                                                                                                     

A Bit Of History

Back in 2007 I was asked to design a program to teach personal safety and self-defense that accurately addressed the risks faced by ordinary people, just like you and me everyday. When I started developing the curriculum, my goal was to create a program that would provide the average person with the skills and to reduce their risk of being targeted for crime and violence. A secondary goal was to teach them to survive if they were. What I discovered would fundamentally alter the way I view the the world around me.

What I’ve discovered is that the traditional approaches for reducing incidents of criminal activity and violence aren’t working; at least not very well. This is because training often does not reflect how crime and violence actually occur. When you examine the data you'll see that in most cases crime and violence do not occur the way you've been taught. In fact they are often diametrically opposed to the myths, misconceptions and preconceived notions that are still perpetrated today.

This fantasy version of crime and violence means you're likely missing the vital pre-incident indicators and behavioral anomalies telling you that you are a target. Altering the way we view crime and violence is the first step to providing the average person with the ability to recognize, profile, assess and mitigate threats to their safety across all environments. Coupled with Aggression Control Tactics training, the programs offer a full spectrum of response options that are easily adaptable and custom tailored for your unique lifestyle.

Practical Personal Safety