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 Personal Safety and Self Defence SolutionsPersonal Safety and Self Defence Solutions                                                                                                     





A Bit Of History

Back in 2007 I was asked to design a program to teach personal safety and self-defense training for the corporate sector, government, schools, law enforcement, and the public. When I started developing the curriculum, my goal was to provide my clients with the skills and knowledge to reduce their risk of being targeted for crime and violence. While this is still my goal, my approach to training has evolved, and expanded astronomically.

I’ve radically altered how I teach crime and violence prevention. What I’ve discovered is that the traditional approaches for reducing incidents of criminal activity and violence aren’t working; at least not very well. What’s needed is for training to provide the average person with the ability to recognise, profile, assess and mitigate threats to their safety across all environments.

 As I the program evolved, I thought a great deal about my work as a correctional officer. Every day I work among some of the most violent and unpredictable members of society. Fear, intimidation, and violence are a part of the lexicon of my workplace. Yet surprisingly there are far fewer instances of officers being targeted for violence than you might think. This has everything to do with our ability to accurately assess the intentions of those around us, and take proactive action to either de-escalate the situation, or neutralise the threat. 



The curriculum is designed to provide you with the same skill sets, without the need to spend 25 years working in a prison acquiring them. Intelligence based, my programs teach Proactive Personal Safety (PPS), and how to quickly and accurately profile individuals in their environment and determine if they pose a threat. Learning to identify the pre-incident indicators that are always present prior to crime or violence occurring provides you with an increased array of response options. Coupled with reality based Aggression Control Tactics (ACT) you will also be better prepared to deal with whatever life throws at you.

I’ve been involved in the combat arts for most of my life. I’ve also been fortunate to have learned from some of the best martial artists in the field. This is a big part of the problem with teaching people how to respond physically to threats to their safety. Most people won’t spend years studying the combat arts. Statistics indicate that only 1/1000 people who begin training ever reach black belt level. Aggression control tactics training is a viable solution.

Simple, effective, and devastating is how clients refer to this program. Training focuses on situational awareness, target hardening and behavioural profiling. It teaches you how crime and violence actually occur, and more importantly how you can survive. Training is concept based and designed to provide a full spectrum of response options. We are not going to change the fact that there will always be a segment of the population that sees the rest of us as potential targets for crime and predation. What can change is how you look at the world, and your place in it. You don’t have to live in fear, but you can use it to keep you and your family safe.